We began by assessing the current market and researching the most popular as well as the most environmentally friends solutions. From this we developed insights into what people need and want the most from their cleaning products, as well as what existing solutions do well and what they do poorly. The latter we did by doing a life cycle analysis on various products.
Product concept and development
We found that users strongly favour convenience, so we decided to try and make a product concept which was as convenient as possible whilst also being environmentally friendly. Inspired by existing cleaning pods used in washing machines we began to develop a concept for a line of products which could be used for all cleaning jobs in the house. Although we didn't make a physical product we did test existing pods for strength and solubility to gain an understanding of PVA. Once we settled on the core premise we analysed every stage of the life cycle of the product to minimise waste and close the loop. Our proposal is detailed in the poster above.
Sustainable design project developed by Josh Moody, Hannah Qureshi and Grace Alexander at Imperial College London for Design 2, a Design Engineering module.