I worked remotely at The Magic of Things, the R&D arm of The Cauldron Co., helping the company pivot during the COVID-19 pandemic to start selling products online. This involved developing a new product-based subscription service, as well as redesigning their online store both visually and functionally. I developed many web development and e-commerce skills as a result. View the online store at cauldronshop.com
Student Wiz-kit (Subscription)
The student Wizard kit is a monthly subscription service which delivers a new magic themed STEM project every month. See the product listing here: cauldronshop.com/products/wiz-kit-student-14
I was involved in the initial ideation phase, generating ideas for what these projects could be, as well as in the subsequent development of specific projects.
One such project is the Wizard chest, which unlocks when tapped in a certain sequence with a magic wand. I designed the exterior appearance of the box, and also communicated with manufacturers abroad to get a batch of 1000 produced for the company.
Another project is a star projector. I converted a map of the night sky into a net which would fold into a dome. When a light was shone through it it would project the stars onto the walls and ceiling of a room.
The final project I was involved in was a calligraphy kit. I researched, tested and developed a kit in which one could make a quill out of a feather, as well as various inks of different colours from berries, charcoal and flower petals. I created an instruction booklet and shot various promotional photos.
The Cauldron Shop
The Magic of Things sells products on The Cauldron Shop, which has its own website hosted using Shopify. I worked in a team to improve the quality of the website, first making it more visually attractive and functional using html, css and liquid, Shopify's custom language. Following this we collected data to analyse the website traffic and increase the conversion ratio using various e-commerce techniques.